Pocophone F2 Pro Has Been Leaked!

Poco has teased the F2’s launch for the global market.The Poco F2 Pro is said to be similar to the Redmi K30 Pro series.If we fuse this with the previous leaks, chances are that Poco could soon announce the F2 via an online event, similar to how its parent company Xiaomi has been launching phones in the COVID-19 lockdown period.

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Zoom 5.0 Update announced, promises best security improvement,tighter encryption

Zoom release its 5.0 update, including a portion of the security updates the organization has guaranteed since the software shot up in ubiquity among the corona-virus pandemic. The update will turn out one week from now, and among the greatest changes are support for more stronger encryption, empowering passwords by default, and another center point for simple access to significant security settings.
Zoom is expanding the security and privacy standards for its video conferencing application after getting serious analysis ,With version 5.0, Zoom will presently use the AES 256-bit GCM encryption standard. That will enable your information to be increasingly hard to get to, however it's as yet not the initially guaranteed start to finish encryption. All things considered, it's something, and business users would now be able to try and control which data center regions their video calls are directed through after certain specialists communicated concerns about routing through Chi…

WhatsApp Group To Increase Voice & Video Call Limit With New Coming Update

WhatsApp could build the present group video call limit on its informing platform with the upcoming variant 2.20 update.As the Coronavirus pandemic powers people to remain inside, video calling has increased more importance.
WhatsApp is redesigning its portable applications with a few upgrades that are intended to permit multiple people to participate in audio and video calls. WA Beta Info has discovered that WhatsApp plans to extend group audio and video call limit on Android and IOS devices.
At present, WhatsApp users can begin group calls with up to 4 members, however an update will build the number of people that you can invite in a group call to at least 6. It's not clear what the number of users will be,but we realize that WhatsApp will apply similar upgrades to the video call group feature.

Neither of these upgrades is accessible in the beta form of WhatsApp yet, however they are clear in certain strings of code found by WABeta Info. The change are required to be actual…

Corona-virus: Apple and Google are collaborating to develop a Bluetooth-based COVID tracking tool

Apple and Google reported on Friday that they are working together to develop a Bluetooth-based COVID contact tracing platform that informs people when they have interacted with a coronavirus-infected person. The cooperation would help well being authorities track the spread of the virus without violating the user’s privacy.
Google and Apple are working on application programming interfaces (APIs) and operating system-level technology to help in enabling contact tracing. The APIs would allow iOS and Android to exchange information and make use of them. The Apps once released by Apple and Google will be accessible for download in the App Store and Play Store
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Zoom Improves Security with Automatic Password Protection and Waiting Rooms After Facing Heavy Traffic

After facing heavy criticism for the way it handles privacy and security, the video conferencing service Zoom is making a couple of vital updates.
Starting April 5, all meetings  going ahead will have automatically enabled password protection and waiting rooms. The password security makes it so you need a password to enter a meeting  regardless of whether you as of now have the meeting ID, despite the fact that the individuals who enter a meeting via a link will not need to enter the password. The waiting room permits the hosts to specifically concede individuals who are waiting to enter a meeting, so in the event that they see a name they don't remember, they can decide not to let them approach.
Both of these highlights were already available in Zoom, however now that many more people are using the platform to communicate during the coronavirus outbreak Zoom has opted turning these features on automatically. It has recently become well known to "Zoombomb" meetings by…

A few smartphone companies providing extension of warranty due to Coronavirus lockdown

A few Companies are executing new step to help people because of the proceeding coronavirus outbreak. Smartphone companies in India have declared an extension of the warranty because of the lockdown.
The list of companies is offering an extension of the warranty for their phones:

Asus Users of ASUS Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops, AIO, Tablets receive a 30-day warranty extension and are available to users whose warranty has expired between 25 March 2020 and 14 April 2020 during the lockdown Motorola and Lenovo Motorola and Lenovo Smartphone users, accessories whose warranty expired between 15 March 2020 and 14 April 2020 will enjoy a warranty extension of up to 75 days until 31 May 2020. Samsung Samsung products whose warranty expired between 20 March 2020 and 30 April 2020 receive an extension of the warranty until 31 May 2020. OnePlus OnePlus smartphones whose warranty expires between 1 March 2020 and 31 May 2020 receive an extension of the warranty until 31 May 2020. Realme Realme users w…

Corona Virus: Google uses location tracking to reveal travel details of People

Google being one of the tech giants overall offers myriad internet-related services. One of them is its location tracking application. While its 24×7 area tracking policies is compromising, and yet these are helpful and viable, particularly in the current global situation. People are grieving in lockdown to combat COVID-19. Government bodies across nations have asked people to practice social distancing. Everybody is encouraged to remain at home and move out only to purchase essential food items. Presently, the search giant Google has published a dedicated portal to share the mobility of its users amid Coronavirus pandemic. Using its mapping services, Google accumulates information regarding different types of places people visit during the virus spreading’s. The company is calling it “COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports”.
These reports will help to understand the changes in the traveling habits of people as government issued the self-isolation edict. These places include retail and …